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  1. i am sorry that just now i am replying you, i actually did it! thank to you and now i have more problem in getting the real time data. you can see my vi there. btw, thankyou so much for your kind help! here is my final vi #but sadly i cant get the real time data vi.vi
  2. yes i am very new using this labview. i usually use matlab or qt for programming. i know that labview is more practical but this is the very first time i use it. i dont even have a clue for the modbus library and how to use it =(
  3. Where can i get that modbus driver? i have been stuck in this project for 1 months arrgh. i need to display in the labview with graphs for the voltage and current and power. thankyou =)
  4. hello, i am working with solar inverter and i want to acquire voltage and ampere with USB RS485 as modbus. i am using LABVIEW 2012 and visa serial in LABVIEW. i already make it but the chart doesnt show anything. could you please help or make a little correction in my block diagram. here is my block diagram *first to acquire voltage thankyou for your kind attention and help Untitled 1.vi
  5. I love LABVIEW!

    1. abqjeff


      I love LabVIEW too! Sometimes it's just hard to hold it in, huh?

  6. i have and inverter ae conversion, and a terminal program h term to detect the inverter and it worked but i am confuse with labview to make similiar program like the hterm. i want to make a program with labview that can send command like in terminal program (like send on CR or send on LR). here is the screen shot of the terminal program. the command i got from the manufacturer it called aegis protocol. thankyou for your help or reply )
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