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  1. I am currently working on my Master thesis for Application of Control Engineering using XNodes and my professor prefers that I initially start creating an XNode of the PID Controller. But as of now, I have only been able to learn VI Scripting and not good with that too. I learnt that I must change the xnodewizardmode=true in the data file "LabVIEW.ini" but I dont find the file even on a full search including hidden icons. Is it because I'm using an evaluation version for LV14 on Mac and Windows?
  2. Hey Guys, I am a student of Masters in Mechatronics and have a project relative to creating ExNodes in Labview to recreate the PID Controller. I come from a Mechanical background and have very minimal knowledge with LabVIEW. I tried learning how to script (as I read that it is important to know how to script to learn to create ExNodes) but am finding difficulty in that as well. I wanted to know if someone could take time and explain me step by step on how to script on LabVIEW and also create ExNodes so that I can learn to create the PID Controller algorithm on LabVIEW. If you guys could also help me with author names to books which help me learn LabVIEW from the start to end, it would be great. Hoping to read positive responses soon. Regards Abhinav
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