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  1. I am currently working on my Master thesis for Application of Control Engineering using XNodes and my professor prefers that I initially start creating an XNode of the PID Controller. But as of now, I have only been able to learn VI Scripting and not good with that too. I learnt that I must change the xnodewizardmode=true in the data file "LabVIEW.ini" but I dont find the file even on a full search including hidden icons. Is it because I'm using an evaluation version for LV14 on Mac and Windows?
  2. Hey Guys, I am a student of Masters in Mechatronics and have a project relative to creating ExNodes in Labview to recreate the PID Controller. I come from a Mechanical background and have very minimal knowledge with LabVIEW. I tried learning how to script (as I read that it is important to know how to script to learn to create ExNodes) but am finding difficulty in that as well. I wanted to know if someone could take time and explain me step by step on how to script on LabVIEW and also create ExNodes so that I can learn to create the PID Controller algorithm on LabVIEW. If you guys
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