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  1. This maybe has been ask/answered/discuss before but here it is. Is there any VIPM alternative out there? If not, It will be very interesting to start a discussion whether an open source version is feasible and how many members in the community are willing to work on it. I know JKI has a great product already but seems like development has come to halt wrt VIPM. Any comments?
  2. Let me start with some context We have to differentiate from a Production environment (to produce data) and Development environment (to develop test and debugging). Our code (very simplified) is organized in this way - Tests (Actual vi that will produce results) - System files (support vi, drivers, common functions etc.) Both are under source control We have decided to make VIPM's (residing in vi.lib) for all System files and leave the Tests files where they are (random folder under source control). This means the all the vi's inside Tests will have links to the System Files (inside vi.lib now) and that works pretty well for the Production Environment, but when we want to use the Tests in the development environment (Tests and System Files in a random folder) we need to re-link all the Tests to point to the local files and not the System Files inside vi.lib. The question is: Is there any way to manually update the references of the Tests so we can choose from where we want to get the System Files?
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