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  1. Hi All, I have 3 analogue and 2 digital waveforms that I want to repeat multiple times with a delay between them. I could do this programmatically using a while loop during their playback but ideally I'd like to create a waveform as a delay and concatenate them all so that the resultant waveform is the what will be sent. My current solution is to have a pair of for loops inside a larger for loop. The sub for loops concatenate the waveforms with the shift registered waveforms and then with a waveform of my choosing (the delay waveform). Attached is a snippet of code. However, to produce a waveform that has 200 repeats takes around 20 seconds to build. This is not ideal and considering it is just array manipulation I feel like there is a fast way of doing this using the in place operator, but I don't personally know how. Any advice welcome, Thanks, Craig
  2. Hi All, I am trying to make a control that has a textbox on the left and a text/combobox on the right in a scrollable box. I have tried to do this so far by making a cluster of the two and then having an array of that cluster. But, when I try to do this whatever I add as an edit item in any combobox is then automatically added to every other combo box in the list. I would like it so I can have different dropdown lists for each combobox in the list. Any help welcome! Craig
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