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  1. Alright, thanks for the info. I knew of the AF group but generally try to avoid anything on ni.com (at least till all other resources are exhausted) since the knowledge might be there, but the page is a navigational atrocity and things are usually fragmented and hard to find.
  2. The Launch Nested Actor.vi has the Terminal "Open Actor Core front panel? (F)". Which is pretty useful. It makes sense. It is a simple interface for me to specify whether I want to display a UI for this actor or not. But it doesn't work in the runtime engine. The implementation of the Actor.vi includes a conditional disable structure that throws an error when an actor is to be launched with an opened front panel on a runtime system. So I can use it in development but not in production. Is there a sensible reason for this? What's the preferred workaround? Cheers, an AF noob
  3. Ah fantastic, I'll look into it, thank you. My Google-Fu wasn't strong enough, it's sort of hard when you don't really know the name of the thing you want to know more about. So thanks for that
  4. To be honest, my understanding of XNodes is very very limited at this point. From the little information I found, the EIONode seemed to be a Hybrid XNode. It is entirely possible that I misinterpreted the information I found, but for the life of me I wasn't able to find other Information on those EIONodes. I have found out that they don't live in the normal class hierarchy (no child of GObject, at least not documented), but can be cast to "Node". I wasn't able to completely access the nodes functionality though, and IIRC Darren mentioned in another topic that this is somehow related to them b
  5. Okay, I so there is some interesting information here, but it doesn't really help me solve the thing I want to do right now. I have a cRIO + FPGA Interface project, the targets (and all c-Series modules) have already been discovered and added to the Project. [some preprocessing not related to this topic but any pointers would still be appreciated, haven't got this one running yet either] I also have a table of mappings from hardware resources to channel name, e.g. "Mod6/AI9" -> "p_stat_oil_01". Now I would like to automatically rename these hardware ressources with VI Scripting to ac
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