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  1. Protocol buffers is one part and I think a cross platform scripted method of defining a typedef is cool. I definitely got lost a couple times figuring out what was "my code" and what was the toolkit and I had to reinstall the toolkit at least once. I think if I were making the tool, for a unary server, I would have used VI references similar to "nonlinear curve fit" uses them instead of an event structure. The event structure comes with too much baggage and doesn't enforce a response. I still don't fully understand how to manage a streamed response. Shouldn't the read timeout be set at each place the data is read instead of a global? Seems like it lends itself better to a queue or something.
  2. I feel like REDIS accomplishes most of the goals that shared variables attempt to cover (minus some UI sugar) in a nice cross platform way. Does anyone have an opinion on "in memory" key-value stores that are accessible over a network?
  3. At least we'd know where we stood rather than being strung along in uncertainty.
  4. I found a related thread that might be helpful It would be nice to be able to do more with the call library node without having to wrapper everything. If anyone wants to post something on the idea exchange forums, I'd likely give it a vote
  5. That link is still invalid for me
  6. I've never used the openg zip library but most of the packages I've used are static linked and just get uploaded/compiled as needed. FYI, the 9627 doesn't have enough disk space with the system image to use the RAD/system imaging tools so you won't be able to replicate it. I'm stuck with 2019 until all our 9627 targets are out of support.
  7. The advantage is that indexing an array of refnums does not change the internal semi-hidden active plot state of the control.
  8. I think either of those ideas would be superior. The graph should have a plots property that returns an array of plot references. We see this architecture with things like tabs having an array of page references. An invoke node that didn't force you to do a write when you only want to do a read would also avoid this problem. Even if it was a single action, is there a promise to maintain that in future versions? I solved this issue by wrapping the graph reference in a DVR.
  9. I just got hit by this bug. My writer below works fine (never exits) as long as I don't start enable the reader (top loop). I see my error now but the design was ripe for it. reader breaks writer.vi
  10. I couldn't actually find that example there. Is there a package I need? Or maybe it was moved or renamed in a different version of LV
  11. I don't know about you guys but I hate writing strings. There's just too many ways to mess it up and, in this case, it might just be to tedious. So, I wanted to create a way to make SQLite create and insert statements based on a cluster. The type infrencing code was based on JDP Science's SQLite Library. Thanks! create and insert from cluster.vi
  12. How was the Con? Do you know if/when the videos will be posted to Youtube?
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