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  1. U said that i can use this dll, how can i know what functions call, if i cant see the code?
  2. Ok guys, thx for ur answers. I decompiled ni_httpClient.dll and gote this: int64_t ni_httpClient_Encrypt(int32_t* rcx, void** rdx, void** r8, void** r9) { void* rsp5; int64_t rax6; void* rsp7; void* rsp8; void* rsp9; void** rdx10; struct s24* rcx11; int32_t eax12; void* rsp13; void* rsp14; void** r9_15; void** r8_16; void* rsp17; struct s25* rcx18; void* rsp19; void** rcx20; void* rsp21; void* rsp22; rsp5 = reinterpret_cast<void*>(reinterpret_cast<int64_t>(__zero_stack_offset()) - 8 - 0x210); if (!rcx || (!*rcx || (!rdx || (!r8 || !r9)))) { *reinterpret_cas
  3. Hi guys, i tryin connect to labview web serv through java application, and have some troubles. I already readed this: http://muree.psut.edu.jo/Documents/DEV4.2-Services%20Adaptation%20to%20Connect%20Remote%20Labs%20to%20VLE-Securing%20WS%20in%20LabVIEW.pdf http://www.ni.com/white-paper/7749/en/ How i must encrypt my body through java? What happened with data when they go to Encrypt Vi? Thx for ur help
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