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  1. programmatic control of front panel requires signaling instead of just simple value change . This requires access to controls . The attached VI's should do the job. The controls can be anywhere including tabs etc which requires recursive access. Get FP References.vi Get Set FP Value Signaling Anywhere.vi
  2. Sorry about minimal description. The slight "trick" is that the clone vi needs a name as a string where as a non clone vi can be open referenced with using a labview file path datatype. Maybe obvious to many but wasn't to me so it took me hours to figure that out and figured I would save someone time since I could not find it easily. The case structure just selects the string name of the VI clone if its a clone VI or the file path if its a non clone VI. The use case is scripting an interactive i.e front panel event driven VI that is already written for bench top use and later needs to be run in automated fashion with parameter sweeps controlled by another VI. I don't have time to rewrite a front panel event driven VI which happens to use re-entrant and thus clone subVI's that have most of the useful info that I need to access.
  3. clone vi front panel access requires slight trick to handle clone vi's (re entrant) shown in the attached file Get FP data.vi
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