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  1. Here is a POC of the intended idea if anyone want to try or improve it feel free (LabVIEW 2015) FindEvent.zip
  2. Yeah i was thinking of a kind of engine that would be launched with QD and then live it's life and giving me all the info i need while developing, i'll tell you if i find time to do it And of course i wanted to knew if there where a way to include it in the toolbar not to have to code some hacky hack
  3. Hi everybody, While I was having some time to develop new scripting stuff i wondered "would it be possible to add somme scripting stuff in the VI toolbar ? " (the one with run, run-continuously, abort, police stuff and so on). My point is to add kind of a combobox that populate with every events in the current vi for a control when clicking on it. And of course show the effective event and make it blink when selecting it in the combobox. The scripting part is almost done but i now come to the real problem : "How can I add this piece of code in the VI toolbar ?" I know i can create either a Quidrop Plugin or a shortcut menu plugin but they don't fit the way i wan't to use this plugin. I asked some NI guy that told me the only options where the one above but I can't imagine that LabVIEW is not in some way developed around a "plugin architecture" so if any of you as plunge deep into LabVIEW's files and know where and how to achieve this goal it would be really nice Thank's everybody and I hope my question was clear.
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