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  1. Maca

    RIO and I2C

    As per Rolf's suggestion: http://zone.ni.com/d...a/tut/p/id/4799 and scroll down to "Digital Buses and Protocols" You could also try "fpga i2c" in the NI search, it returns tons of relevant results.
  2. Thanks Jcarmody, thats an awesome link. Suvin the connection string will be something like: Data Source=filename;Version=3; Where filename will be something like "\\server\share\directory\databasefile" or "x:\directory\databasefile" (assuming you have mapped \\server\share to X:) You just need to setup a share on the "server" that serves up c:\something\directory\databasefile (which will be the SQlite database file you are using). It can be done quite easily (especially in comparison to setting up MS SQLserver) but its just not the nicest way to do it.
  3. Have a read of the SQLite documentation: http://www.sqlite.org/docs.html SQLite is NOT by architecture a client/server style database, but this can be achieved by placing the database on a network share (I.e. SMB, but note the documentation specifically advises not to use NFS due to bugs in some NFS implementations) See: http://www.sqlite.org/faq.html#q5 You should consider using Postgres or Mysql (both open source) instead, as these are designed as client/server style databases. http://www.sqlite.org/whentouse.html See the section titled "Situations Where Another RDBMS May Work Better" http://www.postgresql.org/ http://www.mysql.com/
  4. Personally I started every computer in my workshop and left all my lights and equipment on. I even went in to heavy lab and started at least 5kW of Hibay lighting and the hydraulic cooling pumps. QUOTE I hope the SCADA system shows an increase in power over this period, that will show em!! Dam hippies.
  5. I have started a thread on the dark side ( http://forums.ni.com/ni/board/message?boar...thread.id=47531 ). I will update this thread when I get an answer.
  6. Have you had any luck yet Jeff, I am trying to do a very similar thing: Get an device reference for the digitizer card attached to a SCXI-1520.
  7. Iam for option D: "Buying a full blown server (with at least RAID 6 and tape backups) and installing Ubuntu Server Edition" Remember your business relies on this server and the data it holds, so don't skimp. You just need to ask your self, how much will it cost if your server goes tits up and you lose all your data? Failing option D, go option C. For a good list of SVN hosting providers see: http://www.svnhostingcomparison.com/ (remember to set "OSS only" to no)
  8. I have previously used Net-SNMP ( http://www.net-snmp.org/ ) with system exec calls.
  9. QUOTE (crelf @ Mar 13 2009, 04:20 AM) Don't you mean: Omniscient Yep in this case "ups", means sounding angry but not meaning it. QUOTE (crelf @ Mar 13 2009, 04:20 AM) I'm not sure how close Maca is with his boss Yep Ive got a good job, we are always mucking around and playing practical jokes on each other. But Mike isn't that keen on me polishing his bald spot with a dirty rag at smoko!! (who would of thought?)
  10. I have a question Crelf......... Do you actually do any "work" while at work? You always seem too come up with all sorts or weird (but always funny) stuff, where do you get it all from? I forward on most of your finds and my boss ups me because "I must just sit around surfing the net because of all the shit I forward on" Perhaps you are a lot smarter than me and don't forward your finds to your boss, one day I might learn, one day.
  11. Maca

    TEDS and vTEDS

    What are your experiences with TEDS and vTEDS? Mine so far haven't been so great, in fact lately Ive been having nightmares about it. All the problems I seem to be having relate to vTEDS specifically NI's TEDS library and how it talks to DAQmx. There seems to be very little "real" documentation on the subject, lots of marketing pages and a couple of really simple examples but other than that not a thing. My work around has been; instead of using the TEDS DAQmx Create Virtual Channel, I have been reading the properties out of the vTEDS files and using the standard DAQmx Create Virtual Channel. This approach while clunky seems to solve most of my problems BUT not all of them, especially when the NI TEDS library is incomplete and has some major bugs. Some examples are as follows: I am seriously regretting giving in to the marketing hype and adopting TEDS over our old in house calibration standard, but unfortunitaly have gotten far enough into the project that I really don't to turn back now. What are your thoughts and experiences?
  12. One possible way it could be done is to work with the array the graph is displaying. Take a subset of the original array and displaying this subset in a second graph. By changing the subset offset and length you can "pan" along the original array and "zoom" in.
  13. ICP sell a lot of main boards that will do what you want (they still even sell ones with ISA buses on them). http://www.icp-australia.com.au/ They are marketed as industrial main boards but are generally nothing more than cheap consumer grade gear with a CF card slot on the board. But they are relativity cheap as well They also sell other "weird" form factors as well I.e. Passive backplane and ETX. Have fun Note: I have no affiliation with ICP at all
  14. QUOTE (PaulG. @ Jan 31 2009, 07:18 AM) That's a bit of a stretch, LabVIEW controls the collimators. http://sine.ni.com/cs/app/doc/p/id/cs-10795 I would be sure it is used for other things aswell but "runs" probably not quite. I would of tried to reply on slashdot but the responses I would of got are: "Imagine a cluster of those" "In Russia LabVIEW programs you" "yes but will it run LabVIEW" etc..
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