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  1. It seems that there is some problem on my backplane. The DStar line works from timing to a card in some other slot. Thanks to both of you for your input.
  2. If I understand the article correctly then I have to push the clock out of the DStar A on my timing card to the FlexRIO? In other words. The FlexRIO DStar B input register is clocked with the DStar A clock?
  3. My setup is: - PXIe-1082 chasis - PXIe-7962R FlexRIO - custom MRF timing card I want to send data via the DStarB line from the custom FPGA to the FlexRIO. I am reading the DStarB line in my LV FPGA program. The problem I have is that I only get the data when the DStarB line goes from '0' to '1'. If I send two '1' after another I only get the first one, because I only recognize the positive front. I would wager that the backplane has a setting for this DStar lines. Some pull-downs or something... I cannot read the VI_ATTR_PXI_DSTAR_BUS and VI_ATTR_PXI_DSTAR_BUS_SET attributes of the PXIe-7962 card from the LabVIEW program. The attributes are also not present in the VISA Interactive control Attributes list. Is there a problem, because the crate is not configured to work with my custom timing card? Or is the problem in the FlexRIO configuration? Do I need to enable something in the chassis settings in NI MAX? I went over everything but cannot find something useful. Do I need to configure the backplane with my timing card somehow? I am running out of ideas, so please do help.
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