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  1. Thank you very much, that's what i need.
  2. Hello, everyone: I got 64 buttons on my front panel. I'd like to make these buttons interlock, only one button is allowed to be activated all at the once. Currently my code's efficient is not good as what i expected. The picture below is the block diagram of my code. Anyone has a good way to do this? Attached is my VI. Debugger.vi
  3. Tks, it seems that couldn't work with the "NI USB-8473"
  4. My hardware is NI-USB8473. And what I wanna do is to periodic send CAN frames, but they have difference time interval. Example, Frame A should be sent by each 50ms and Frame B should be sent by each 200ms. Thanks very much for your links, do u know how to post a picture, BTW? Here is my current block diagram CAN tool.7z
  5. Hello, team: Recently, I face a problem to send 2 CAN frames with different interval. i.e. Frame Interval FrameA 50ms FrameB 200ms The thing is that interval time is the longer one always. I have less knowledge of Labview so far, I don't know which structure could be used in my condition. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks you.
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