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  1. Tks, it seems that couldn't work with the "NI USB-8473"
  2. My hardware is NI-USB8473. And what I wanna do is to periodic send CAN frames, but they have difference time interval. Example, Frame A should be sent by each 50ms and Frame B should be sent by each 200ms. Thanks very much for your links, do u know how to post a picture, BTW? Here is my current block diagram CAN tool.7z
  3. Hello, team: Recently, I face a problem to send 2 CAN frames with different interval. i.e. Frame Interval FrameA 50ms FrameB 200ms The thing is that interval time is the longer one always. I have less knowledge of Labview so far, I don't know which structure could be used in my condition. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks you.
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