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  1. Hi Folks, The scenario is, I have a sbRIO 9651 and a MPU 6050 (A IMU sensor). I would like to acquire sensor data in FPGA VI, stream it to RT VI for processing and analysis and view it from windows based VI. I came across certain problems which I wasn't able to figure out. I dont have the appropriate cable to interface the sensor yet, which I have ordered, to test the VI. 1. FPGA VI: The I2C Master VI outputs a array of 14 bytes raw data (6 bytes for Accelerometer, 6 bytes for gyroscope and 2 bytes for temperature). since the data can only be written element by element in a DMA FIFO, how can I stream an array to RT VI. I did an auto-indexed for loop to write data but I dont know if this will work. 2. RT VI: Initialization of MPU6050 is done here. It involves writing a byte array sequence to I2C Master VI to configure it and then a write-read(writing a register to read data from) process to acquire data. I am not sure how to do the write- read part. I was able to do it in myRIO RT Vi as it had clear APIs 3. The single process shared variable 'RT Stop' used for communication between loops in RT VI is written a value after the loop ends which I dont know as to why. The architecture is based on the Turbine example from cRIO developers guide. I am attaching the VIs for your reference. Please have a look into the code and let me know if you find anything that needs correction. I am totally new to Real time and FPGA programming. Thanks a ton Gokul first1.lvproj RT VI.vi FPGA acq.vi first1.lvproj
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