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  1. Here's another question maybe someone can answer! I'm injecting a sine on one of the DAQ-outputs (got a 6036e) and configure 4 inputs for different readings of the sine through different lines (i.e. sound channels). I'm just wondering why I get a subdued signal (noise?) on the other channels when I've just connected one of the four channels. It's not a crucial thing for my readings, just wondering if someone's got an explanation. /Raz
  2. Hi Tom! I tried Your idea this morning, not bothring about synchronisation between in- and output... I experienced the same behaviour as before. I'll try some different setup but I'll probably end up running one output at the time. That way I know it works perfect. As I said before, I really appreciate Your help and efforts. This is still the best way of learning for me, some good ol' trial and error! Thanks Tom! /Raz
  3. Since it's supposed to be true as default I didn't bother to create a constant for it and just assumed it would work (bad idea perhaps?!). I'm just about to call it the day but I'll have look at your code first thing tomorrow morning... Thanks a lot for Your tips and for the code. Really appreciate it!
  4. I aware of this but it's supposed to be implemented into already existing code which has been around for a while and I've tried the mx VI's but they don't compute to well with the older stuff... The only solution I've come to so far is to run one output channel at the time... I appreciate your help and pointer though. Thanks mate!
  5. I'm a starter myself and went through this online course in a couple of hours and it sure got me going (bit of a slow homepage though)... http://cnx.org/content/col10241/latest/ Also, there's the NI Example Finder. /Raz
  6. No problems! I'm not just looking for a solution to the problem as much as just trying to understand and learn about the different functions. cheers!
  7. Hi there! I'm having a little problem I was wondering about. I've got a 6036e DAQ-card and I'm trying to run a sine through both outputs simultaneously. My problem is that when I'am using only one output the signal's just fine but when I configure to used both outputs I "lose" every second period. I've got the same signal levels but a sine only every second period. I'm using the traditional DAQ vi's for building the program. Tried to look at the Simul AIAO Buffer.vi in example finder but didn't get much wiser. I've probably just missed something small but since I'm new to the game I'm having trouble spotting what! /Raz
  8. a simple solution for a not so big of a problem in the end... thanks a lot mate! /raz
  9. Hi! I'm trying to convert a 1d array to waveform (dbl). the reason for this is that i'm readingt voltage on the daq input with the help of AI Read.vi and i need to plot the power spectrum (FFT Power Spectrum.vi) to a waveform graph. i'm reding multiple inputs but i only need the power spectrum for one of the inputs witch i've sorted out with the help of index array (therefore 1d array). there's probably a simple solution for this but since i'm a newbie at labview even simple things can seem hard sometimes... /raz using labview 7.1
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