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  1. Hi, I'm trying to install the OpenG ToolKit under LV2015 (32-bit), but I get a couple of packages that fail to download http://www.jkisoft.com/packages/packages/oglib_lvzip/oglib_lvzip-4.0.0-2.ogp http://www.jkisoft.com/packages/packages/oglib_portio/oglib_portio-4.0.0-2.ogp Thing is they're already installed on my present PC, just corporate rules say I have to be upgraded to a newer PC, which I'm now trying to set-up.. 64-bit versions appear to be available, just not the 32-bit. I get the following errors; Any suggestions welcome. Kev
  2. Hi, I'm getting the same thing on three different LV 2015 built executables (but they have common code across the three), it's not a firewall issue as far as I can tell as the executable is running on the same PC that I'm trying to debug from, so it also shouldn't be a timeout or 'bandwidth' related issue. Think I'm going to try use the simplest as the 'subject' of some experiments - removing all complex code and re-write it from the bottom up.. I suspect it has something to do with the LVOOP classes used to represent some of the test hardware. Or a missing external LVLIB Kev crash log report.txt
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