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  1. Thanks @LogMAN and @drjdpowell, I was unaware of the "Diff" vi. I'll use it to throw my own error. ☝️
  2. Help Is there a way to parse this JSON string into this cluster in the following way: - The order of elements inside the "Parameters" cluster does not matter. No error - I can use enums - The name of the elements matter. "TWOoo" shouldn't end up populating "two" (even if the order of elements matches the cluster). I want an error here instead of "two" being the default value - Don't care if JSON text has additional elements that aren't in the cluster. No error In short, features: Strict name checking, order independence, error if element missing I've tried so many things but they all fail in one way or the other. See attached snippet
  3. I'm happy for my vim to break when a uint is wired in. Just didn't realise that's the problem. Thanks for pointing that out Francois
  4. Drop this vim on your block diagram and connect anything that isn't an I32 to the "Type" input and it'll break. Why?
  5. I can download them both. Maybe you need to have an account for the download to work. I had to create an account to be able to upload.
  6. Unfortunately, nobody seems to care about this any more Even with the newly provided example
  7. Good find! @Jim Kring happy to assist in any way I can when you're looking into this bug.
  8. I made a new .zip with the current versions of all files. Would be cool if someone else with a VIPM pro would try to build this just to check if it's my problem. Cheers bits.zip
  9. Minor update, I've gotten rid of the different type cases by doing this While that makes the code prettier, it also prevents it from building into a vipc due to the same issue: nested vims
  10. Hi, I'm having problems building a vipc from a vipb with files containing nested vims. Getting the following error from VIPM: ERROR: 7: VIPM API_vipm_api.lvlib:Parse Build Return Message_vipm_api.vi<ERR> Code:: 7 Source:: 0053C289D635723F5DC0A4F08297566A<ERR> The following source VIs or Libraries are missing. Please correct this problem before rebuilding. b39afad9-8321-4719-86a9-dddab325fc87.vi The following source VIs or Libraries are the callers of missing files BitsSetter.vim I created a zip with the vims and the vipb file. Any suggestions how to fix this? Opening the files shows no errors. Replacing the nested vim with its actual implementation fixes the problem but I don't want to give in just yet. I'm on LV 18.0.1f4 64bit with VIPM 2018.0.0f1 Cheers bits.zip
  11. Using my company's template which is basically a JKI statemachine with OpenGDS active objects sprinkled on top which communicate via queues and/or events
  12. Turns out that deleting the VIPM cache (C:\ProgramData\JKI\VIPM\cache) fixes the problem. With the cache folder gone I restarted VIPM and it created it again with fixed permissions and running happily for myself and the system user which is used for CI builds.
  13. You're right, running VIPM as admin works but I'd still like to know how to fix the problem rather than work around it.
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