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  1. The linked post didn't have an answer. It looks like it just doesn't support unicode. But from my recent experience, I can see why it is so difficult to support unicode in LabVIEW. It is not just showing some characters on the FP or BD. But the most difficult part is that many many LV projects have non-unicode VI names. This was what I encountered recently: I had some projects that was using Chinese VI names. They were built on a Windows that the default language for all non-unicode characters were Chinese. I couldn't load any of projects either on Linux or on a Windows without Chinese as the default language. This is because the same bytes of digits represent different characters on unicode and non-unicode systems, and LabVIEW rely on those characters to load a VI. I suspect that if LabVIEW starts to support unicode, it will break all the projects that previously built on non-English characters.
  2. Thank you for your information! It's not a joke. I was a NI employee 10 years ago. The badge is still here, I just don't know how to update the badge.
  3. I recently noticed that LabVIEW has different character encoding format for Chinese characters on Linux and Windows. I'm not sure but feels like that LabVIEW accept and display unicode characters on Linux, but it use non-unicode on Windows. So, if I put some Chinese characters in a VI on Windows, they cannot be displayed if I open the VI on Linux; if I fix the Chinese characters on Linux, then they will not be displayed on Windows. Is there any way force LabVIEW use the same encoding format on both systems?
  4. I just noticed that I can drag an interface onto block diagram and create an instance of the interface. But for most of the cases, I want the interface to be abstract. Is there any way to prevent users from creating instance from the interface I provided?
  5. QUOTE (jdunham @ Apr 12 2008, 01:09 AM) I have some urgent job to do in the two weeks. So, I just made a quick test on the XNode Map code. I think I've found the problems in the Map code. It will be fixed once I finish my current work. The XNode Map, unlike the lvclass one, has to manage the memory of all elements data itself. So, its code is much more complicated. (Could have more bugs.) NI is investigating the best way of providing common used data structures in LabVIEW. I'm not sure when it will make the final decision. The final app could be the XNode approach or the lvcalss approach, or another approach that includes both advantages of the former two. Thanks a lot for benchmarking all of them!
  6. QUOTE (Aristos Queue @ Apr 10 2008, 09:31 PM) I found there are some obvious slowdowns can be fixed easily in it. I tried to change some of its code yesterday, and the performance improve is huge. The result is it runs faster than all the other approaches. The original purpose of the LabVIEW Generic Container is just to investigate a way of providing common data structures in LabVIEW. We didn't put much effort on its performance. Hopefully, we will release a new version of it with better performance in a couple of months.
  7. QUOTE(nil @ Jul 20 2004, 10:21 PM) Use the http://community.ni.com/examples/palette-api/' target="_blank">Palette API
  8. Is the variant works for you? Sorry, I just noticed that you've already answered the question. I think the XNode can solve you problem for now. But the typeless wire is a good idea
  9. Good! This structure helps me solve the problem. Thank you!
  10. I have a time loop, the interval is 1s. In one iteration, after running 0.5s, an event occur. I want break this iteration immediately, and jump to the next iteration. Can I do this?
  11. How many people use Chinese here? :headbang:
  12. This product also uses LabVIEW VI Scripting. http://sine.ni.com/nilex/DisplayLinkAction.do?id=101NILEX
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    Hi every one, I just registered.
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