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  1. Thanks Hoovah! Such a simple-but-powerful suggestion. I've attached a VI with an example of the workaround, in case anyone is interested in exactly what I ended up doing to get it to unzip. Unzip file (RT with SysExec).vi
  2. Hi all, I've got a customer that wants to zip/unzip files on their cRIO-9035, so I had them playing with the OpenG Zip tools to see if it would fit their needs. Although they've found that they can zip files on their cRIO just fine, they find that they get disconnected from their RT target and the shell shows the following error message: LabVIEW caught a fatal signal 15.0 - Recieved SIGSEGV Reason: address not mapped to object Attempt to reference address: 0x0x10000000 stdin: is not a tty The zip file they're testing with includes two simple .txt files with short stri
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