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  1. Hello James, I tried to reproduce the error, but after a restart of the pc the error seems not to be occuring any more. Thanks for the answer and sorry for the beginner error not to test if restart would solve to problem.
  2. Hello James, I am not completely sure, if this crash really is related to the send.vi of your framework (version Have you ever encountered such a LV crash? The crash occurs after a day of runtime (dev template based), where messages are frequently send to the same actor.
  3. Hi James, I really enjoy using your messenger library for several Labview pojects. I'm not complety sure if it is possible, but have you ever thought about using the actors in a kind of plugin in architecture way (simunlar to this: https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW-Development-Best/Plug-in-Architecture-using-Packed-Project-Libraries-lvlibp/ta-p/3514395). So my questions is: Is it possible to save actors as packed libary and e.g. launch them from another actor? And if yes, what would I have to change (i'll guess your actor launcher would hav to be modified?)? Best ragrds from Stuttgart, Jan
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