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  1. Hey yo Tylor and smith, @Tylor: No problem if I get some time as well I will try this on my own, but this might be at the end of the year :D... @smith: Your right, I was already experimenting with the data type parsing VIs. But I wasn't able to create a completly dynamical functionallity to parse throughout all the ClusterOfReferences from my Project to create one single VariantClusterOfReferences. But I just parse through each TypeDef and bundle all in the end. Would be nicer to be able to handover the big typdef and get it out instead of go through every single typdef cluster
  2. Hello to both of you. I have a old project where I need to extend the code and in my opinion I would like to rebuild everything fromnew scratch but I am not allowed to. My problem looks like this: So I searched for a neat solution to reduce all this reference crap in the begining. After I found this cool xnode of yours I thought I have a cool solution, but I isn't there a way to handover a textfile or something to the xnode which than will only get the control references according to a list of Labelnames from within this textfile? From specific controls like : Tab
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