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  1. It is a really nice format, but I'd recommend using something else in LabVIEW because of lack of support, unless the EM library covers everything you need. The repo is unmaintained. (source: I'm the author)
  2. My biggest disappointment is how sluggish it is compared to 20xx, though it has improved since the initial release. Loading an empty project takes 3x as long in NXG for me. I do like the single window environment.
  3. Sounds interesting. I'd love to hear what it was even if it gets shot down. Do you have any stories of ambitious/controversial proposals that never had a chance?
  4. Finally! !!! Is there anywhere we can read about specifics? You've given us priority #0 and #2, are you unable to share #1?
  5. I think it can be useful in cases where you don't need RMR protection and the DVR is part of some sort of data structure that you may have more than one of, making globals not an option or a poorly scaling option.
  6. There are lots of design decisions with C++, C#, and Java that in hindsight are poor, but I don't feel like the author focused on the problematic parts, and maybe confused/conflated encapsulation and abstraction. In my opinion, this style of OO can be best described by: the ability to bundle data (something like a struct or record) and operations on that data (methods, which are essentially functions with an implicit "this" argument) into classes the ability to extend classes via inheritance, and automatically and irrevocably get subtype polymorphism, which can be ad-hoc thr
  7. Did RegisterAddon.exe not run at all, or are you thinking it ran with incorrect privileges? I do see RegisterAddon.exe run every time I install.
  8. I think the included license is OK, we have a handful of users successfully using the trial, though you're the first to try it on Windows 10 (I don't see why that would matter). I did see the invalid status come up once when I was testing, though I don't remember the cause. If you uninstall the EM Control Refs package and re-install it, does it fix the issue? Would you be able to post a screenshot of what you're seeing? Thanks!
  9. Language-independent update just landed! For those curious, the node was creating some property nodes and setting the selected properties by the property's name, which varies from one language to another. We just needed to update it so that they were set by the property's unique ID.
  10. For right now, this node only support English LabVIEW installations. We are working on a language independent update.
  11. We have an internal tool at Erdos Miller that we've turned into a product. It's a node that outputs a cluster of references to all controls on the front panel. A free trial is available for download here: http://info.erdosmiller.com/node-control-references-software-download-v1 It replaces code like this: With a single node: It also lets you: Bind the output type to a typedef. Include a reference to the owning VI and/or the owning VI's front panel. Exclude references to controls above or to the left of the origin. Optionally exclude controls
  12. Using this is almost assuredly a violation of license agreements: http://www.hmilch.net/h/labview
  13. Why stop there? It seems like there are a few nodes that disallow inlining even though it seems like it should be fine. Now we can just wrap them in an Error Ring.xnode!
  14. I think you can! It looks like the compiler exception doesn't check the fully qualified name. You can put your inline-safe XNodes inside libraries to namespace them, and name them all Error Ring.xnode.
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