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  1. Exactly, no ihm but file Under explorer match with page 2.
  2. Hi, for server address, I put localhost and I have page one running. Ludo
  3. I have only the page one and no error. But I don't know if your example is good for me because I want only one programm running for manage harware.
  4. With which soluce you think it is possible? I try web server ni but it is OK only with one ihm not with dynamic vior multiple vi.
  5. Hi Flavio, I try your code but the second page can't be seen on IE or Mozilla (file session is ok) Do you know why this appears , Ludo
  6. Hi, I want only one programm running on the PC but reach by 2 or 3 users session. So I write each html page when vi open then rename in main.html. In this case all user can have the same view of programm. Do you think it is a good idea ? Ludo
  7. Thanks for your respon. I will try with exe because this case is empty in the code. I will do some test. For the pop-up, I think for this when error occur. Ludo
  8. hello everyone and happy new year. I am very interested in your wonderful project. I have been looking for a solution to be able to share a LABVIEW exe between several windows users. A html solution like yours seems to meet the need. I ask myself some questions ... - Does it work with an executable version? -Is it possible to have a single html page to point so that each user retains the software in the same state (multiple ihm)? -Is it possible that a message or a configuration ihm appears as a pop-up on the html page? thank you for your answers Ludo
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