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  1. Can you give an example of what you are tring to do.
  2. The names of these functions is not clear. Fract/Exp String To Number accutally works on Dbl,Sng and Exp. not sure why they have fract in the name. Decimal String To Number should accually be Decimal String To integer If you use the Fract/Exp String To Number function instead of the Decimal String To Number you will get what your lookin for.
  3. You may be able to get the results you want by using the control editor. I noticed that when I made the colors lighter that labview automatically darkened its counter part.
  4. The Open G toolkit has several functions that make writing to INI files easier. go to OpenG.org to download the toolkit.
  5. The simplest way that I've found to concatenate a string array is to just wire the array to a concatenate primitive. As far as the serial reading I've developed a serial read vi that not only used the buffer count but also includes timing functions and other useful items. I also included a 7.0 version Download File:post-584-1099547750.llb Download File:post-584-1099548148.llb
  6. I recently came across a UDP problem using the UDP Receive Vi from the LV examples. I brought in a UDP read from the pallet and found when I tried to wire it to the UDP open the wire broke After a few hours of frustration I eliminated every thing except the UDP vis. :headbang: I finally figured out that the example primitive uses a TCP reference and the current one used a UDP reference. So this brings up a few questions. Does any one know when this change was made? I have several legacy programs that use UDP and most of them were derived from the LV examples. Is there an easier way to distinguish between the old and the new primitives? If I need to get the old UDP Read,Write, or open where do I look? Thanks in advance. mballa
  7. I guess I was looking for more detailed information on how to do the animation?
  8. We are running a test on a circuit board. In order to test the unit we are required to use a .dll that the client wrote. The problem is if the board is bad the .dll hangs. Because the board is a security device we are not allowed to mess with the dll in any way and the source code is not available. The only way to fix the problem right now is to go into task manager and end the process. Does any one have code that will do this programmatically or know what the API call would be
  9. Whats the best way to make one of those cool :thumbup: animated ID icons? like proximableu's
  10. I just installed newest NI Vision assistant 7.1 on my laptop with XP SP2 and LV7.1 when I try to open it I get a dialogue saying "The 30 day trial period has expired" and then shuts down. I know it is a full version. Has any one else seen this problem or know how to fix it.
  11. What process are you tring to do? Only the color processes can be done on a color image which contain three planes(RGB or HSL or HSI). if you want to use the non color processes you have to extract a plane. Most of the time the lumen plane is the one to use.
  12. Here is a custom time probe I created to help me see how much time a vi used up. the first one attaches to an error cluster and the second uses a variant to attach to any data type. The probe has a enum selector with 3 choices Start, Time and Cycle Start: starts the timer Time: takes a time reading Cycle: takes a time reading and restarts the timer The probe will use a different timer for every ID number used. (see demo.png). Download File:post-584-1098000659.zip
  13. Here is a link to reference manuals software and hardware http://www.ni.com/support/reference.htm If you are really new to LabVeiw here is a link to the basic 6 hour course. http://www.ni.com/academic/lv_training/how_learn_lv.htm the course is designed around ver 7.0 If possible I would recommend upgrading to 7.1 espessally if you are just starting out. In Ver 7.0 the concept of express VIs was introduced which makes it easier for novice LabView programmers to get up and running quicker. Express Vis are not present in ver 6.1 If you decide LabView is for you then take a basics training course or you can also purchase an interactive CD course. I've help a couple of coworker change from a VB to LabView. The most difficult hump to overcome was understanding dataflow.
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