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  1. Actually we figured out the problem with the non-movable remote FRont Panel, and now it works as we need it, no browser required just LabVIEW at the client side! https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/PXIe-1071-PXIe-8101-embedded-controller-updated-to-LabVIEW-2017/m-p/3807913/highlight/true#M1075147
  2. Hi smarlow, We are in similar shoes now (remote front panel view of a PXI app is just not reliable via browsers) after upgrading a PXI unit from LV2015 to LV2017 (issue explained here: Lv forum post ). Could you share your experiences using this "browser-less" method? We only want to monitor and interact with the top level VI running as a PXI startup application, from a LabVIEW 2017 IDE under Windows. Thanks for any info! Regards,
  3. This was: I think the "newcomer effect" fooled me, and it really looks like only drjdpowell's posts are effected (and those who quoted his text). So this is not a general problem fortunately I should have checked more carefully other posts too, but I was too deep in reading this particular post edit: so more precisely: only drjdpowell's OLD posts are effected (and the correct English word is AFFECTED, I always mix up these )
  4. Hello! My first post on LAVA I hope it is ok to revive this thread, since I have similar problem: unicode page text view does not work for special characters in the forum. I did not see such problem for years with any other websites. Any other text code settings, same or worse result. I use the latest Firefox Quantum 57.0.2. I see same problems in Chrome. Is this my PC, or others can see such issues on the site? Here is a screenshot attached representing what I see in Firefox:
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