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  1. Thanks for the quick response! There was a lot of useful information in that NI forums post. I did not know that LabVIEW has a tool to import a web service WSDL and generate the call methods. This feature exists in 8.6.1 as well so I think I have everything that I need to move forward. Thanks!
  2. Hello Everyone, I have a project that I am working on. It is running on an old machine using Windows XP, and LabVIEW 8.6.1. Our customer has requested that we add the capability to make a call to a web service that they have written. They do not want to upgrade the OS or LV version, so I am trying to find a way to do this in 8.6.1. They have given my the wsdl file to review and it is specifying using the SOAP protocol in a request/response format. The request message, requires 5 pieces of string data from the LabVIEW application. I have never done any web service calls before in any langu
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