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  1. ya.the values should not be similar.
  2. hye.can anyone help me on how to apply OR condition by using structures(without using logic gates) in labview? Iam having two outputs LED1 and LED2 with one input button.When i press the button i want the LED 1 turns ON and LED2 OFF and also vice versa.thanks. LED1 LED2 1 0 0 1
  3. anyway thanks sir.i will try my best
  4. can help me on this construction? i have created the serial communication in labview as below.but im not sure whether the the construction for the control pin is correct or not.by the way i want to run the g15 cube servo with gd02 rev 2.0 driver.
  5. hye. if i want to create serial communication in labview to turn on the g15 cube servo is the below construction is correct? im using GD02 rev2.0 driver for the servo.
  6. hye...when i create a constant for the byte array to string i can't add the hex inputs.how to create it?
  7. hye.actually i need to insert the following hex instruction packet as an input of the uart tx. can you help on this.thanks
  8. hye..im creating s serial communication in labview in order to make a g15 cube servo working. ia anyone know how to insert the hex instruction packet as the input of the uart tx.
  9. hye i have the arduino coding to run the servo motor.can you know how to convert it into the labview software?thanks
  10. hye. Is the below block diagram is correct? if correct means why i cannot construct it in labview?
  11. hye. anyone know how to convert ASCII into hexadecimal in labview?
  12. hye i have found this. but not sure how to use this concept to run the servo
  13. hye.I have attached the datasheet of the driver and the servo.can you help me on how to create the communication in labview?thanks G15_CubeServo_UserManual.pdf GD02 Rev2.0 User's_Manual.pdf
  14. UART means to connect the Tx and Rx.but how about the control pin?can you get me any examples to create the vi in labview?thanks
  15. Hye.Im trying to connect GD02Rev2.0 (driver for the g15 cube servo) with myRio. I have to connect the Rx Tx and Control pin of the driver to the myRio to run the motor. It seems like i have to create serial communication in labview.Can anyone help me on this.thanks.The driver looks like below:
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