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  1. To the best of my knowledge there is no cross-referncing mechanism for shared variables in LV 8.xy In a large project with several shared variables it becomes difficult to keep track of all the places where a particular shared variable might have been used. A crossreferencing mechanism would be immensely useful in debugging. greeting, sunilariell
  2. I do not know if it directly relates to your situation but we had a similar issue of disabling/making invisible certain elements of the front panel for different users for example administrator, supervisor and operators. In our case we used the dsc module and the issue was resolved using the security settings in the dsc module itself. Prior to discovering this possibility we also ran in circles as the remote front panel instances had big problems. greetings, sunilariell
  3. Hallo All, I wonder how many of you are really deep down into XControls. I am currently exploring how two XControls might exchange data between themselves over shared variables. The Autoscaling Gauge XControl example shipped with LV connects to a shared variable. When you put 2 instances of this XControl in a test VI and connect them to the same shared variable, the change in value in one is reflected directly in the other Xcontrol. I tried to extend this to a cluster of controls and that also works fine when connected to a custom type shared variable of the type data.ctl. This still means d
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