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  1. EXIF Reader - V1.0.zip

    This EXIF Reader contains VIs for reading EXIF metadata in image files.

    Most of the VIs are to be called as sub VIs, but some are intended to be used as top level VIs, and one can be used either way.

    This S/W can currently read EXIF data from .jpg, .mpo, and .png files; but this user extensible.

    Note however that there are no hooks in the S/W for parsing out data sets whose contents vary from brand to brand


  2. After a lot of digging, I found the bug (in my code).  It wasn't happening just when one Y Control depended on another, but whenever two different types of Y Control were both in memory.

    The fix is attached.  I've also done a bit of cleanup (including closing a dangling VI ref), and some minor improvements of the help.  It's backward compatible; no need to rebuild anything, just run the new installer.

    Y Controls - Version Source.zip Y Controls Support - Version Installer.zip

  3. I've discovered a bug.  It appears to be a bug in LabVIEW.  Here is what I believe is happening: Hiding inside each instance of a Y Control is an instance of "C: ... \LabVIEW xxxx\resource\plugins\Y Control\Ability Manager\Y Control Ability Manager.XCTL".  When LabVIEW loads an instance of a Y Control that depends* upon another Y Control, there are 2 instances of "Y Control Ability Manager.XCTL" that need to be initialized: One for the outer Y Control and one for the inner Y Control.  The "Init" ability of the Xctl for the inner Y Control gets called first, and it works OK. However when the "Init" ability is called for the outer Y Control, it is passed the wrong refnum: Instead of getting the refnum to the instance of the Xctl in the outer Y Control, it gets a refnum to the instance of the Xctl in the inner Y Control.

    *In my case this happens because I have a Y Control calls a dialog VI that contains a reference to a VI that has a Y Control.

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  4. Based on the lack of feedback, I infer that there's little or no interest.  But I've been using Y Controls, finding issues, and fixing them.  Since no one else appears to have been participating, I haven't concerned myself with backward compatibility,  I'm getting close to sharing a new version.  Anything made with the old version will be broken.

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  5. 1 hour ago, X___ said:

    LV 2019 SP1f1 64 bit crashed upon closing my first Y Control... but seems to have recovered fine.

    So, I can now resize objects within a Y Control cluster, but there seems to be a glitch (race conditions?) in the Process New Value.vi:


    When the user changes the checkbox (for visibility) to True, the string is hidden and reciprocally. Am I missing something?

    Can you send me the entire Y Control?

  6. 12 hours ago, X___ said:

    1. I removed LVNewDialog.xml before re-installing and got this:


    which, after I pressed continued, left the installer window opened in a stopped state, but at least now the help is back in the menu (but in Help>>Y Control, not Help -> New -> Y Control as you have it in the Readme.txt)

    However, the File>>New... dialog is now empty, so removing LVNewDialog.xml is definitely not the thing to do (putting it back resolves the issue but is missing the Y Control item).

    2. Re-uninstalling Y Control Support now LEAVES the Help >> Y Control menu but nothing happens when selecting it:


    3. Re-reinstalling restores the Y Control item in the New... dialog box...but removes the Help menu!

    Getting somewhere?

    Is the installer creating "C:\ ...  National Instruments\LabVIEW nnnn\help\Y Control\Y Controls.chm" for you?

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