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  1. The SetProperty method still doesn't support dotted property names in LV 2020. Using the attached VI will allow for a smooth transition if SetProperty is every upgraded. Set Property Item.vi
  2. Based on the lack of feedback, I infer that there's little or no interest. But I've been using Y Controls, finding issues, and fixing them. Since no one else appears to have been participating, I haven't concerned myself with backward compatibility, I'm getting close to sharing a new version. Anything made with the old version will be broken.
  3. This is a named unbundler for clusters; but instead of taking in a cluster value and outputting element values, it takes in a reference to a cluster and outputs references to elements. Sadly, it can't handle a cluster containing a latching boolean. Unbundle Refs By Name_xnode 1_0_0_1.zip
  4. Can you send me the entire Y Control?
  5. Quite a few changes: Cleanup, bug fixes, and kludges to workaround a bug in LV 2018 and earlier (but the installer is smart enough not to include the kludges when installed with LV 2019 +). If you've made any Y Controls with the prev version, you'll need to remake them. Y Controls Version Source.zip Y Controls Support Version Installer.zip
  6. Here's another one: If the owning VI is set to run when opened, it will start running before the Y Control finishes initializing. (I might have to do some major surgery to resolve this.)
  7. Is anyone else running into bugs? This one is driving me nuts: If the owning VI is a member of a library, and the library is open, then the event handler usually doesn't launch.
  8. Perhaps this is the problem: When changes are made to LV help, they don't take effect until LV is restarted, I'll improve the completion dialog for the installer.
  9. Is the installer creating "C:\ ... National Instruments\LabVIEW nnnn\help\Y Control\Y Controls.chm" for you?
  10. Uninstall deletes "C:\ ... National Instruments\LabVIEW nnnn\resource\plugins\Y Control\*", "C:\ ... National Instruments\LabVIEW nnnn\help\Y Control\Y Controls.chm", and removes the Y Control from "C:\ ... National Instruments\LabVIEW nnnn\resource\plugins\NewDialogFiles\ LVNewDialog.xml". Is the installer creating "C:\ ... National Instruments\LabVIEW nnnn\help\Y Control\Y Controls.chm" for you? Y Controls.chm
  11. There were some missing dependencies in the source zip. I also renamed a library to make name collisions less likely. Y Controls Support Version Installer.zip Y Controls Version Source.zip
  12. Perhaps you might find this useful. Update File_New.zip
  13. That issue has been corrected (see attached files). However it won't fix already-created Y Controls. To fix them, make sure that Facade.ctl and the .yctl file are set as "TypeDef" and not "Strict TypeDef" Other improvements: The installer and uninstaller will ignore RO status of an existing installation of Y Controls. The wizard fixes up the label of the cluster in the .yctl file. Y Controls Support Version Installer.zip Y Controls Version Source.zip
  14. I've made some minor improvements. Is anyone interested?
  15. Unzip the installer, read the READ ME, run the installer, read the help (LabVIEW -> Menu -> Help -> Y Controls). If you're curious, look in the source. Y Controls Support Version Installer.zip Y Controls Version Source.zip
  16. I managed to post the issue there, but it's very cumbersome because I only get one post per password reset (and their Contact Us link is broken). I did get a reply and was able to solve that problem, but now it throws error 1357. Maybe it's time to throw in the towel on VIPM.
  17. Gee, I put all my ideas into Y Controls. Attached is my help file (still under construction) for Y Controls. Y Controls.chm
  18. I've been developing it alone, but I'll take any help I can get.
  19. Sometimes I get this (which makes no sense because that VI is not a dependency of Y Controls, and it is not missing)
  20. I have invented Y Controls and I am trying to create a VI Package for installing them. I would like it to result in "Y Control" being an option when selecting File -> New from the LabVIEW menu. But my .vipb file doesn't seem to do anything; no output, no errors, just a big NOP. Any help would be appreciated. Y Controls.zip
  21. The Mac equivalent of LabVIEW.ini is at: <volume> / Users / <username> / Library / Preferences / LabVIEW.app 20xx 64-bit Preferences You can edit it directly.
  22. I just came across this: Apparently there's an XNode developers forum somewhere.
  23. That's my point. No XControls, no physical quantities. If LV 20xxis abandoned I'm doomed!
  24. 1. I like to use physical quantities when the values represent physical quantities (such as is common with device drivers). 2. When the code to run a control starts getting complicated, and the owning VI is already complicated, I like to encapsulate the code that runs the control into an XControl. Am I doomed?
  25. Ok. As an alternative, is there a way to get the tab key to function as a tool selector on a block diagram that's in a SubPanel of a running VI? (It seems that the VI that owns the SubPanel is swallowing the keystrokes).
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