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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Here are some of my XNodes, packaged by Brian Hoover.
  2. View File paul_cardinale_xnodes- Here are some of my XNodes, packaged by Brian Hoover. Submitter paul_cardinale Submitted 04/15/2019 Category XNodes LabVIEW Version 2018 License Type BSD (Most common)  
  3. Try this. Windows User Login 2017.zip
  4. This works, but it uses a private property. Brs Btn Filter.vi
  5. As far as I can tell, lvstring.rsc is the only thing that contains "APP_SC_OPEN_EDITOR_WIZARD".
  6. A long time ago (maybe around LV 7) I created a VI that was just a set of property nodes: One for every class (that I knew of), each node having every possible property. I think that when I created it, that property wasn't deprecated. All_Methods.vi All_Properties.vi
  7. And that support would likely consist of: "Don't try to use that thing. It's broken". In general, there isn't an obligation to support undocumented features.
  8. Is there really a need for that thing? If so, it wouldn't be very hard to create it as an XControl .
  9. Have you ever wanted to create an XControl that has a Latching mechanical action? For a long time I thought it was impossible because there's no event that occurs when the block diagram terminal is read. But it can be done by launching a background task that monitors the value in the wire connected to the terminal. See attachment. Latching XControl.zip
  10. The context help for the "RemoveXnode" method says "Removes the XNode from the diagram. The contents of the diagram of the XNode are merged with the diagram" However if you try it, it may or may not work. That's because this method just calls the "ReplaceSelf" ability; so if an XNode doesn't have a "ReplaceSelf" ability, the "RemoveXnode" method will do nothing. So if you want your XNode to work with the "RemoveXNode" method, you must create a "ReplaceSelf" ability. Fortunately doing so is very trivial: Your ReplaceSelf ability only has to call the "GenerateCode" Ability; like this: Paul Cardinale P.S. Note that the "ReplaceSelf" ability of some NI Xnodes doesn't work properly. For instance if you call "RemoveXNode" on the "Match Regular Expression" function, it will make a mess, breaking the VI.
  11. There's a similar (and probably related) bug when setting boolean text attributes manually: If you select a portion of the boolean text, then use the Font menu to change something (e.g. the color), it will change all of the text, not just the selected part. This bug showed up sometime around LV2008; it was fixed in one of the later versions; then it was un-fixed, and we still have it today. You can get around it by making floating text and setting it the way you want, then cut-and-paste into the boolean text. (I haven't tried programmatic cut-and-paste; maybe that would work.)
  12. I found it! Unfortunately it's deprecated. It takes dotted inputs as either names or ID codes.
  13. I want to set a property item in a Property node. For properties that have a single ID, I can get this method to work: For example, setting a property item for a Control property node to "Label" simply requires the ID string "6332005"; yielding: However many properties require more that one ID. For instance: requires "6332005" (Label), and "632d800" (text). I can't find a way to set a property item to a property that has such multiple levels. Does anyone know how to do this? Paul Cardinale
  14. Here is an improved version: The Method Menu is now hierarchal instead of flat. Unrestricted Invoke Node
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