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  1. Can anyone tell me what I just enabled?


    1. dadreamer


      I have checked and documented some of them along with few others in this thread of yours.


  2. Does anyone have any idea what DCO stands for? It's in the same context as DDO, which I know means Data Display Object.

    1. dadreamer


      I believe, DCO stands for Data Controller Object and DDO should be Data Display Object. You might see DCOs and DDOs already with the help of Heap Peek. I didn't study DDOs much (it's either a control or an indicator), but a DCO controls how and which data is passed through a single terminal (on BD) or control/indicator (on FP). You may find any SubVI's/node's terminal w/ Heap Peek and in its properties you should find an address of DCO assigned to it. The same is doable with controls and indicators on Front Panel. On BD DCOs are called Parameters or EFN Parameters (for CLFNs) or somehow else. On FP they're called FrontPanelDataControllers. It's easy to find them using "F" button of Heap Peek. There are two internal functions in LabVIEW, which read and write from/to a DCO's (Transfer/Execution/Operate) data buffer: ReadDCOTransferData and WriteDCOTransferData. These funcs are used in Get Control Values By Index and Set Control Values By Index behind the scenes. It's even possible to call these funcs from BD directly to mimic the foresaid instruments behaviour.

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