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  1. Thanks for the insights fellas. I think the main points are that it's mostly a preference based thing but could also help/hurt code readability depending on the situation. I will say, after programming this way for about a month (method B in the image above), I do find that I have less wires overlapping the error cluster wire especially when LabVIEW class wires are thrown into the mix. The nodes that live in between the class wire and error wire much more accessible when the error wire comes out of the bottom of the VI. I think my visual preference is to prevent overlapping wires whenever possible... Different strokes I guess. Thanks again!
  2. Hello All, First time LAVA poster here with my first question. Why do some LabVIEW programmers insist on wiring the error cluster to the bottom of their VI as opposed to the sides as shown in most NI documentation. Is there any benefit to it? Is it 100% a preference thing? Is there a way to make LabVIEW connect error wires like this automatically? I've only seen it in advanced LabVIEW code from experienced programmers and some parts of the Actor Framework. Your insight and experience is appreciated!
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