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  1. Thank you for your kind reply. I totally understand about while loop mechanism. It's helpful for me.
  2. Oh my code is simple. I just want to know how to reduce loop speed anyway thank you for your reply
  3. I coded in while loop. The loop speed is so slow... How can I improve my while loop speed? And What is the maximum speed in while loop?
  4. Hi, candidus. Thank you for your reply. Can I ask one more thing? In my computer, there are two version of LabVIEW, 32bit and 64bit. And after some vi started, I want to check which version of LabVIEW would be run through the code like Get Current LV Bitness. Can you give me advice on how to do this? Can I just code it by calling Get Current LV Bitness.vi?
  5. Hello, everyone! I am studying a LabVIEW for my research. And I have a really curious question. Can I check my LabVIEW bit (ex 32bit or 64bit) through the code? I searched the property node and Invoke node to find the function which shows the LabVIEW bit. But I was not able to find it. If there is someone who knows the function, could you let me know about it? Or if I have to use the .dll to check LabVIEW bit on the code, could you announce me the .dll name? Thank you for spending your time for me !!!!
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