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  1. Have you ever thought of creating a Slave Library? Your ablity to use visa locking to allow multiple masters to write over 1 comm port would be in valuable to doing the same to allow multiple slaves to read and write over the same serial port.
  2. @Porter I'm trying to use Plasmionique Modbus ver with Labview 2014 over serial and i keep running into a CRC error. it's not properly calculating the CRC. For example: The Master sends: 01 04 00 00 00 01 31 CA and the builtin simple slave responds with 01 04 00 00 00 01 31 instead of the correct message 01 04 03 00 00 B9 30 i've this with the Plasmionique Master example and with the third party Modbus Poll program. and both report a CRC error. Any help would be appriciated.
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