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  1. Example code now includes a new comm tester too.
  2. I've put together a wrapper to the Plasmionique Modbus Master library that makes communication with PLCs a bit easier. It could be used for just about any Modbus device, but I had PLCs in mind when I was developing it. What is easier? - Modicon-style addressing instead of data address and function code. - Data-type conversion built-in(eg. 32-bit float mapped to two U16 registers). Word swapping option. - Poll list and cached data block. Allows you to poll a range of registers then lookup and convert the values elsewhere. The code is up on GitHub: https://github.com/rfporter/Modbus-PLC-Client Its a rough draft at the moment. Comments are welcome and appreciated.
  3. FYI the first link is licensed under BSD 0-Clause: LV-MQTT-Broker/LICENSE at master · LabVIEW-Open-Source/LV-MQTT-Broker · GitHub I've used the MQTT client in a project already. Its well written and actively maintained. Definitely worth checking out.
  4. Does anyone want to take a whack at MacOS support?
  5. The release is now updated on github. I will send it off to vipm after a bit more testing. If you are curious about how I compiled libmuParser for windows and ubuntu, and the modification that I made, here are my notes: muParser Build Notes.pdf On an unrelated topic; is it worth uploading the latest versions of projects on the LAVA CR? Each project now has a copy on github, vipm, and LAVA - vipm is the most convenient for distribution - github is most convenient for source version control and issue tracking - LAVA is most convenient for discussion
  6. This works for me on ubuntu 20.04, gcc9.4.0, LV2022: lv_muparser-
  7. I will setup a Ubuntu 20.04 VM tonight and recompile against gcc 9.4
  8. This vip will put the .so files in the resource directory: lv_muparser-
  9. Shockingly it works just fine for me. Note that installing LV2022 on ubuntu 22.04 is not straight forward. Its best to stick with ubuntu 20.04. I also couldn't get VI package manager to install so I extracted the vip manually. I did notice that the muparser .so files were not put in the right place. They should reside in /usr/local/natinst/LabVIEW-202X-64/resource/ and not in the vi.lib. Otherwise they won't be found.
  10. Thanks for giving it a try. The library was compiled using gcc version 11.3.0 on Ubuntu 22.04. It uses openMP, but I don't think that is an external dependency. I will try to get LV2020 community edition installed on my VM so that I can investigate further.
  11. I have updated to muParser version 2.3.4. Is anyone willing to give it a test on LV Linux 32-bit and 64-bit? Here is the latest code: https://github.com/rfporter/LV-muParser/releases/tag/V2.1.0
  12. Do you have any plans to put this up on Github and/or vipm.io?
  13. It seems that everything is passed as float. Bitwise should be performed on integers. So maybe muparser isn't the best solution. They do mention that shift left/right can be added though: https://beltoforion.de/en/muparser/customizing_muparser.php But maybe GPower Expression Parser has exactly what you need: https://www.vipm.io/package/gpower_lib_exprparser/
  14. The muparser library should definitely be updated. I had modified the muparser library to add the : character as a valid variable name character because my variable names often include colons. To add bitwise operations like "2&3 = 2", either you would need to create a wrapper that adds these functions to muparser, or just modify the original source code like I did for the : character. I'm not sure how much work this would be. The labview code wouldn't change at all, except for specifying a new version of the muparser dll.
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