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  1. Very cool, and thank you! The scoping fix and the in-placeness will allow me to get the performance and the public APIs I was aiming for. If statically placing a private method with unbundle/bundle data access opens a can of worms, I'm happy to make a couple private accessors. Fingers remaining crossed for 2019 release. -Ethan
  2. Hi AQ, I submitted an example that reproduces the failure to dispatch protected methods to NI a couple weeks ago and haven't received any reply. Let me know if you're interested in exploring further. (You were also on one of the community threads to which I redundantly posted the example code.) Also, I'm finding the inability for a privately-scoped malleable method to access class data very limiting. Using accessors prevents some crucial in-placeness optimizations and making the in-place method public makes for a super leaky API. I found yet another (slightly less bad) workaround in my current case, but only by totally sacrificing encapsulation.
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