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  1. I am sure it is possible to mess up any type of SCC system that way 🙃 The main complaints I have with SVN really is the slowness - mainly related to locking (can be sped up *a lot* if you choose to not show the lock status in the repo browser though), and the occasional need for lock cleanups... (When someone has been checking in a whole project folder and it did not contain all of the necessary files for example...).
  2. Slightly related topic: I wonder what the trend looks like for the share of questions in the NI discussion forums marked as resolved. Based on my own posts there, it seems to get harder to find a solution to the issues I run into. I am not sure if that is just because the things I do in LabVIEW are closer to the borders of regular use / getting quirkier though, or if it is a sign of declining quality in the products involved. I suspect it is a mix of both. It would be cool if such statistics were readily available. A trend of the posting rate per forum/tag for example could reveal shi
  3. Sure, that's basic (always dangerous to say though, in case I have overlooked something else silly after all, it happens 😉). The lvlib and its content is set to always be included, and the destination is set (on source file settings) to the executable. The same goes for the general dependencies-group. The dynamically called caller of some of the lvlib functions on the other hand is destined to a subdirectory outside the executable, and ends up there as it should. But then so does lots of the lvlib-stuff - seemingly disregarding that is destination is explicitly set to be the executabl
  4. I happen to have some JKI JSON calls, among other things, in a dynamically called plugin, and it seems that whatever I do in the application build specification to try to get all those support functions (members of lvlibs) included in the executable, the build insists on putting the support functions as separate files together with the plugin (the plugin is here a VI included in the same build, destined to be in a separate plugins folder). (Sometimes I wonder if there is a race condition in the builder; what does it do for example if there are two plugins include din the build that will c
  5. Sounds like a philosophy not exactly aligned with using LabVIEW... I found it now though, it is called the GPM Browser. Re-reading the documentation I noticed a sentence about it that I had overlooked. It is not marketed much though no, you have to RTFM 🙁
  6. One useful tip when troubleshooting VIPM is that there is an error log in %programdata%\JKI\VIPM\error When you first ran it, did you get the user logon dialog? I had that but was unable to logon, and when I then chose to continue without a logon it never showed any windows...I ended up uninstalling it, deleting the JKI/VIPM folder in ProgramData, and then reinstalling it - and this time I chose to register a new account, and got it to work. That was at home though, at work I ended up with additional issues because the firewall would not accept the certificates of the server use
  7. Sure, the focus of NI has always been on hardware sales, and that has directed where much of the development effort in LabVIEW goes, and how it is marketed. I often think that in this respect the customers of NI show more respect to the power of LabVIEW/G than NI does. There is an underlying uncertainty in the use of LabVIEW due to this - and the growth of LabVIEW and G as a programming language is perhaps limited by it. It goes both ways though; the hardware sales has also supported the continued development of LabVIEW - and LabVIEW draws strength from the ecosystem it is part of. I wou
  8. Having lots of connection issues with VIPM (turned out to be an issue with the JKI server certificate I found out on my own...), I just had a relook at G Package Manager... Is it seriously based on people having to use the command line to install packages?🤦‍♂️ The main selling point of LabVIEW is that it is *graphical*....and it is trying to force everyone to use the command line?? At least then integrate it into Windows Explorer so that I can right-click my project folder and choose packages to install then and there. O rhave a graphical browser that displays the pacakges, and let m
  9. The idea that customization is enough seems like a variant of the 80-20 fallacy...🤦‍♂️ To me LabVIEW is the thing that makes NI unique. It is their greatest product. It happens to also sell hardware because of the limitless possibilities introduced by the concept of virtual instrumentation. The RIO concept strengthens that package, and is why most of the hardware we buy from NI are sbRIOs and cRIOs. Without LabVIEW and RIO we would choose cheaper hardware options. (The hardware ties might unfortunately be one of the things that prevents LabVIEW from becoming all it could and deserves
  10. But that is why I do care, because the success of NI is important to us all. Everyone who has invested in their ecosystem is hurt if NI fails.
  11. When it comes to color it is generally a mistake to be "unique". Most cars (and clothes, and houses and...) are one of 4-5 colors. They have their specific effects on the human mind, and you cannot avoid them if you need that effect - which NI does. If you want to project a sustainable image and sell - you need those colors, no matter how many other companies use the same. When it comes to shades most are unusable as they come off as drab, muddy or garish. You can choose a light and "fresh" shade, but move a little too much and you step into the ugly. Choosing green is generally risky, althoug
  12. If I have to say one positive thing about the new look, it's that the color palette is probably very very rare....
  13. My train of thoughts about it: Do I have a browser or display issue.... Someone must have hacked the site and messed it up really good - yuck... Wow, they are serious....this is even worse than NXG, someone should turn the ship... Is this an attempt to be appear more "green"? What screen resolution do they think people have? I have to double mine to read this properly... I wonder how this looks like for people who are color blind...(let me try on https://www.toptal.com/designers/colorfilter, nah the welcome dialog blocks that...) This is making me de
  14. Port 8883 is usually used for TLS (1883 for non-TLS). There are a couple of examples of how to use TLS in 2020, if you search for TLS in the examples finder:
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