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  1. yes, but either the old version (machine learning toolkit) nor the new the LabVIEW Analytics and Machine Learning Toolkit does contain a PLS1 Algorithm - but both have a PCA.vi so you could do a PCA on the input, and then make a linear regression with the PCA'S scores. That's a PCR: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Principal_component_regression If you had several categorial classes, you have to do for each class a PCA and a linear regression. I think, that's equal to, what a PLS-1 does in one attempt: " ...it finds a linear regression model by projecting the predicted variables and the observable variables to a new space.." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Partial_least_squares_regression I can't get the Discriminat example to work, but I did get torekkp's PLS1.vi to work with my custom data (about 3000 spectra, each one is a 1d array of 1024 bins) looks like it does compute, what it is supposed to do - I compared the scores to the scores of a PLS1 routine I have written once upon a time - Unfortunately, I can't share the data I used, maybe I find the time to put together some online available spectra dataset
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