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  1. Hi, simple the cRIO is already present in the lab :D
  2. thanks a lot, your suggestions have avoid several attempt
  3. Hi all, I need your opinion about a problem. I need to reproduce a data file on a cRIO. Typically the file is made of recorded data from the field with at least 2 columns : time and value. I would use a cRIO to reproduce the file and stimulate my target (device under test) with the same condition of the equipment on the filed. The idea is : 1) trasfer the file on cRIO file system and open it. 2) read the data from the file with Read Delimited Spreadsheet and save the value in an array 3) read the array, row-by-row, with an auto-indexed tunel loop 4) Inside the loop send the data, organized into a cluster, to cRIO FPGA via RT-FIFO 5) On FPGA keep in listen on the RT-read and get the message when ready Someone has experience in this case? Any suggestion? Thanks
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