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  1. Hi Dr. Powell, thanks for the response, I think you are right, I am not the only developer using the framework and many of my colleagues are starting to use LabVIEW so simplify the template looked as a good idea haha but I did not consider the error handler at beginning, I prefer to teach how the entire structure works instead to reinvent the wheel. Have you seen the Youtube instructional videos on Messenger Library? Yes, I will return to the original template, until now I have found very satisfactory the framework, thanks for sharing with the community.
  2. Hi dear Dr. Powell, I am using Messenger library for an application. I am launching a couple of Actors as Graphical User Interfaces, I have modified a template to use a basic event structure to send request and receive the responses of a Central Actor (Tree Hierarchy) but now I want to integrate an error handler to report the errors of the GUI Actors to my Central Actor, I understand that the Reply method needs the address to send the error to the caller, but I have events where the interaction of the user triggers the event case so I dont know which would be the best strategy for error handl
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