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  1. Ok, here's a solution for those searching by errors as well: Here is a link to discussion about 64-bit support for OpenG ZIP Library and here is a link to apparently latest beta build with 64-bit support.
  2. Recently I've installed the OpenG Toolkit v4.0.1.9 on LabVIEW 2018 x64 on Windows 8.1 through the VIPM. When I try to use it, namely ZLIB Inflate / Deflate Vis, I get an error saying "SubVI 'ZLIB Inflate__ogtk.vi': SubVI is not executable". When I open it and select Configure... on Call Library Function node in a Library name or path field I see "C:\Work\OpenG\opengtoolkit\lvzip\source\lvzlib.*". The same thing with Vis referencing ogportio.dll. Am I supposed to update them manually before first using them? I didn't find any info about this problem. Edit: Ok, when I try to update it LabVIEW says it's not 64-bit compatible... Any progress in this direction since 2010?
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