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  1. @Antoine Chalons thanks for replying and suggesting edit, and i included the same link here as well [ not able to edit there, due to restricted number of edits and i used one edit there ].
  2. just following a tutorial on YouTube [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ko0heNZhRvI], for setting objects in lab-view for simulation, doing the steps as stated. as program executes, the resultant spheres, ( which has been added to the 3D picture object, are very far out zoomed ) , done the following steps to correct it, still no help 1) seen online help of using "shift + drag" to correct it, but it's still no help, 2) changed camera position to : none and auto - redraw, still no help, since i am new to this, it is request to state the measure to correct the problem and to avoid
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