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  1. @drjdpowell Any plans to include a "Set Null to Default" feature?
  2. Tested this and it worked well. Had no idea you could add the <JSON> tag to parse complex data types like dictionaries. Super handy. This looks likes it's solved my problems. Thanks!
  3. @drjdpowell Also if you go through and set the comment fields to empty strings, the next parsing error hit is this: This is replicated using the same VI shared above by first setting the comment keys to actual strings
  4. No problem. Thanks for following it up so quickly. Until a fix is done I could precheck specific fields that may error and set them to empty strings before passing into your conversion vi.
  5. @drjdpowell I have attached the vi with the cluster I'm trying to parse it too. I have put the text in as a constant. Let me know if you have trouble running it. JSON Parsing Error.vi
  6. I'm trying to parse this JSON data: { "id":"fb66aaec-f713-424c-ba04-386d0986fb12", "planId":"4c7cbe9c-ba67-4d8b-b731-32d3de0de700", "name":"AJ3", "redrillOfHoleId":null, "design":{ "angle":0.0, "bearing":4.376555, "comment":null, "decks":[ { "number":1, "horizon":25.0, "length":5.0, "productId":"f3fb75ac-1065-4d9c-bd6a-fdf01c34837b", "weight":0.0, "isVariable":false, "isBackfill":false }, { "number":2, "horizon":20.0, "length":5.0, "productId":"5800171c-e1
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