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  1. Thank you very much for your comments. My troubles started trying to use same clases in a realtime project and later in a PC project. Thak you @joerghampelfor your blog, it is very useful. what it really annoys to me it is when a class or file is corrupted and then I have to clear the compiled cache... It takes a looooooot of time... and I was trying to avoid that. I think that I've found a workarround prior to clear the compiled cache. It is unmark all the content in a directory to remove compiled code and later mark again all the content... at least it worked for me twice.
  2. I’m a big fan of JKI VIPM, and I’ve been usen Source code control with labview for some years (First with mercurial and now with GIT). Following the good practices with SCC and LabVIEW I always check the separate compiled code from vi to avoid unwanted changes on Vis. In the other hand I’ve read that the performance of labview is better with the compiled code in the VI. Besides that the labview IDE does not allow you clear compiled cache of some of your vis, you have to delete all the compiled cache…When I have some compilation errors and I delete the compiled cache It takes a lot of time
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