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    Hello, I am not very active on this forum, but I lately received a disturbing email from the LAVA forum email <lava@lavag.org>. The email notified me of a message from user "angelina18". The message had a link to what I soon found was an adult dating website, which I immediately exited after clicking on the link due to the site's inappropriate content. Is there some way I can report this user? I'm sure that those on this site would like to maintain a wholesome environment centered on G programming and LabVIEW, and I figured I could find some help regarding this issue by posting this.
  2. Maciej Kolosko said in his reply to my earlier query that python is really taking of for applications. I completely agree with that, being a python user myself. However, he also said that a NI's LabVIEW and other products are failing due to the high price of FPGAs and what not. He mentioned raspberry pi and other iot projects as direct competitors to NI HW. But isn't G able to run on various iot projects like raspberry pi? If it is, a few good modules from NI for those iot projects could make G a great way to program iot projects.
  3. What's most likely to happen to the popularity of LabVIEW in the next couple years? After reading some of these posts, the future looks grim. However, LabVIEW is an integral part of the software that is used in most industries. Could LabVIEW be succeeded by a better graphical programming language without the limitations of LabVIEW in the near future?
  4. I am 14 and am ready to take the CLAD exam, and I am almost ready for the CLD. Will NI let me take it?
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