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  1. Was this a custom CVT library or the standard NI one? I spent most of yesterday trying to figure out the issues with packaging the NI one, with no luck.
  2. @drjdpowell thank you for your time and what you shared. Nice to confirm what I was thinking, but in a more coherent way.
  3. That seems perfectly reasonable, thank you. I created a new project to package up the CVT library so I could include this in my other project. When I try to load the PPL it also loads the original vi.lib CVT library and throws an error that Template_Read.vi could not be loaded because it could not load the front panel. When I look in the library itself all of the VIs in the Internal/Template Functions/ folders are missing except a few. This seems to be preventing me from building the main project, as it throws a file missing NULL error. I've gone back to the CVT PPL project and tried adjustin
  4. I recently ran into this issue and wanted to know what the community has to say about it. I have a main program that is a QMH that can launch a single actor (picked by the main program and loaded through PPL) to perform a task. I want to have that actor update a CVT for the main program to monitor. I set up the CVT in the main program and had the actor write to CVT. When that call happens I get an error that it can't find that tag in the CVT. I have a CVT viewer that shows that exact tag, though. For testing, I setup the CVT in the actor with the exact same tag list and it finds
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