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Found 2 results

  1. I recently ran into this issue and wanted to know what the community has to say about it. I have a main program that is a QMH that can launch a single actor (picked by the main program and loaded through PPL) to perform a task. I want to have that actor update a CVT for the main program to monitor. I set up the CVT in the main program and had the actor write to CVT. When that call happens I get an error that it can't find that tag in the CVT. I have a CVT viewer that shows that exact tag, though. For testing, I setup the CVT in the actor with the exact same tag list and it finds
  2. Hi I have a very strange Actor Launch problem. I start an Actor to do some calculations for every attached DUT. And that has been working great, 1,2,3 Actors(DUTs) no problem. But now I’m starting to get problem when I have around 5 or more Actors that I start of the same type. The screenshot below shows my problem. The queue used to get the Actor’s Enqueuer back after the Asynchronous start of the Actor, didn’t receive anything. I debugged the code, and could see that the Queue-Reference was the same for the Enqueuer and the Dequeuer. Also no errors were found on the Enqueuer Error in.
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