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  1. dadreamer, you nailed it! Works like a charm now. Thank you.
  2. Yes, callback vi created. Please see attached code. Modified for notepad.exe process launch. Thanks! WMI_NotepadLaunch_LVRegEvent.vi NotepadCallBack.vi
  3. Thanks for taking a stab at this, LogMAN! Unfortunately, that did not work. Looks like there is something special about 'WaitForNextEvent' that recognizes system level WMI events that LabVIEW is not able to see. I'm no WMI expert, but I looked at this in terms of dataflow by highlighting execution on the block diagram. It appears that the data just flows through 'Reg Event Callback' node without waiting for the event as soon as the program is run. I'm going to assume that there is a rather low probability of you having a Toshiba USB stick I modified the code to where it detects
  4. My code watches for an event where my Toshiba USB stick is unplugged. If the event does not occur within 30 secs, the code times out. However, in the case that there is no disconnection of the USB stick (no event generated), I can't end the program before the timeout period of 30 sec. Is there a way to end the program before the timeout period? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance! WMI_USBStorage_Event_withDeviceIDandTimeOut.vi
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