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  1. I need to use 5 Bytes Hex string as a key, Hex string as a Value. Normally data stored in INI as ASCII. What can be the possibilities to store HEX String?
  2. I can't find that in my 2010 version. Any other way for old versions??
  3. Can you tell me where to do that change?? Find the vi for reference.... Waveform_select.vi Signals.ctl
  4. Hi folks, I need to know if this is possible? if yes then the what are the possibilities?? 1. The user should select the signals (by check box or similar). 2. My waveform chart should display only these signals on the front panel. (no of signals in the waveform chart must be modified based on this signals). 3. it is better, by clicking a button the new front panel pops up with waveform chart.
  5. Need to know, "if i actuate a event case by some variable, in the same event i should pass the control to another event case". Is this can be done, If yes how can it be done?? PS: If it can be done by property node, what should be the reference.
  6. thank you @crossrulz This is working fine. I had to modified it and work with my model.
  7. http://www.sunshine2k.de/coding/javascript/crc/crc_js.html Add reference of type i need. In above link there are two possibilities: 1) Custom with 0x1021 polynomial , 0xFFFF as the initial Value and 0x0 as the final Xor value. 2) Predefined type CRC16_CCITT_FALSE. With other settings: a) CRC width (Bit Length) is CRC-16 b) CRC Input Data is bytes. I am stuck at this point....... Need Help.....
  8. Cloedu I have tried this.. But it is not working..
  9. Tried all the available VI's. Not able to find the required checksum. For example : for data in hexa 252000 i need checksum A74C
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