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  1. That's funny actually. I used to think this stuff didn't matter anymore until I was put in projects where that stuff is suddenly relevant. A lot of the stuff we make has to be right once they leave my hands. Otherwise its GG M8 try better next time. For example in C I've had to pay attention to things I never paid attention to way back then, like sticking to memory with hard limits / avoiding dynamic memory. Not using recursion to not abuse the stack, etc. (Really low powered/cheap weak embedded chips) Upper bounds in execution, etc. Or use different kinds of standards/guidelines for reference, like MISRA. Its actually surprisingly fun despite the limitations. But also tedious. How would something like that look for LabVIEW though? I mean its compiled code but there's probably a big amount of heap usage / memory shenanigans going on under the hood that you probably can't avoid. (At least when programming for desktop)
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